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The entire repair parts, labor and freight price. No hidden costs! 


We provide a one year warranty on the ENTIRE unit, not just the parts we replace.

We go over the entire unit, not just your complaint.


We install factory updates, repair poor solder and replace parts likely to fail.


Lens polishing, but we can't remove heavy scratches, hazing or damage from spray cleaners.


 We Fix It Right Or Its Free!™

 Repair Alternatives

Repairing YOUR instrument cluster or speedometer usually is the best solution, but here are the pros and cons of alternatives.  


1. BUY A NEW CLUSTER FROM A NEW CAR DEALER.  These are only available for late model cars and will often cost 3 to 5 times more than a repair.  Some offer rebuilt units but then you are getting someone else's  problem child,


2. BUY A USED CLUSTER FROM A JUNK YARD OR EBAY.  Most instrument clusters fail with similar defects. So a junk yard unit will likely have the same defect. Plus your mileage will not be correct  and you will need to put a mileage change sticker in the driver's door.


When you sell your car most folks are very wary of a mileage change sticker and you may lose a lot on the sale price.  Also, when considering price also consider the time and cost to replace a junk yard unit if it doesn't work when you get it.


3. GO TO A COMPETITOR OF OURS. Sure we know folks shop around. Just be sure when you do compare that you compare "apples to apples". Do you get: free freight BOTH ways, a complete repair price quote parts and labor on the entire cluster, fast turnaround time, free troubleshooting help, one year warranty on the entire unit and a "Fix It Right Or Its Free guarantee". These are some of our better competitors that have been around a while: Iss Automotive, Dr. Speedometer, Specmo, United Radio, and Circuitboard Medic. 

Still Deciding? This Short Video Covers Your Repair Options.

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