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Odometer Repair

The odometer shows the mileage of the car and may be a electronic digital odometer or a mechanical odometer. Many cars have an additional odometer that can be reset called a trip odometer. 


Federal law makes it a crime to tamper with the odometer reading of a car with the intent to defraud. However there may be a legitimate reason for changing the mileage like theft replacement. In those cases we require a notarized Odometer Statement


Many odometers fail because the gears that drive them fail. Visit our sister site to order them. We also have Corvette odometers for 1953 to 1983 Corvette speedometer repair for sale and worms gears. Call 1-800-572-2880 for help selecting and ordering those.


Odometer may count the mileage incorrectly if the tire size is changed. See our Speedometer Calculator to see how much  error you may have. The error will also affect the speedometer readings as well.


  • Blank

  • Missing numbers

  • Dim

  • Missing pixels (the dots that make up the numbers

  • Numbers are scrambled

  • Wrong mileage.


Electronic Odometer Problems

  • Numbers stop turning

  • Numbers hang up at the nines

  • Numbers are yellowing or cracking

  • Trip Odometer doesn't work or won't reset

  • Odometer clicks or is noisy

Mechanical Odometer Problems
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