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Speedometer Repair Alternatives

Repairing a instrument cluster or speedometer usually is the best solution, but here are the pros and cons of alternatives.  


1. NEW CLUSTER.  These are only available for late model cars and will cost 2 to 5 times more than a repair. 


2. JUNK YARD.  Most instrument clusters fail with similar defects. So a junk yard unit will likely have the same defect, if not immediately, soon. Plus your mileage will need to be reprogrammed for about $195 extra or you need to put a mileage change sticker in your door.


NOTE:  When you sell your car most folks are very wary of a mileage change sticker and you may lose a lot on the sale price.


And when considering price also consider the time and cost to replace a junk yard unit if it doesn't work when you get it.


3. Ebay.  See junk yard above.


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