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Shift Indicator Repair 

The shift indicator in most cars sits at the bottom of the instrument cluster, but sometimes may be found in the center console between the car seats. The sfift indicator is often called a  "Prindle" adding a vowel to the letters PRNDL. PRNDL stands for Park, Reverse, Neutral, Drive and Low. Some cars though may use numbers for the gears like the one above, PRD321. Mechanical ones like the one to the left don't fail often, but the electronic ones often do.  

Common Shift Indicator Problems

  • Blank

  • No display

  • Missing pixels

  • Dim

  • Intermittent display,  display cuts off and on.

  • Top half or Bottom of characters are missing

  • Left Side or Right Side characters missing

How to Repair Shift Indicator Problems

Unfortunately there are no user serviceable parts or things in the car that can cause a blank display. For any of the defects above the cluster must be removed and sent to us for repair.


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